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Introducing ReferralFrenzy

If you are frustrated with your advertising results or want to save time and expand your advertising reach, I want to share a site with you that has all the right answers.

First of all, mails do still work best for getting sign ups and earning commissions.

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Now imagine how many more people you will reach in less time, and how much better your results will be.

You get live stats for your mails results and can easily see when you can mail again.

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You will receive THOUSANDS of mailer credits, THOUSANDS of surf credits, THOUSANDS of banner credits and THOUSANDS of text credits from lots of sites EVERY month.
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 5 ways YOU can make LeadsLeap CA$H for FREE 


Promote YOUR LeadsLeap Coop link in Traffic Exchanges, Mailers, Safelists and other traffic networks and get paid.

You will earn both Coop cash and credits. The Coop cash earnings typically range from $0.10 to $8 CPM ( per 1000 visitors )

As you also get credits aswell as cash for the traffic you send to your coop link. You can sell the credits that you make via the Credits into cash system unless you wish to use them for your own adverising.

2 Daily Cash Bonus

Share in the sites daily profits. Be active and you can earn a daily cash bonus every day.

Simply view a minimum of 10 ads in the sites viewing area and qualify for a daily cash bonus. View more and you get more.

You also get credits for viewing the ads which you can sell or use for your own advertising.

3 Credits Into Cash

Credit encashment is the systems buyback scheme. You can sell your unwanted credits back to the LeadsLeap system.

You can get credits by viewing sites in the viewing area, sending visitors to your coop link & pass up credits when your referrals get credits.

The credits to cash ratio changes daily, but as of this time of writing, 200 credits can be exchanged for $0.18 cash.

4 Recurring Affiliate Commissions

Earn 25%-50% recurring commissions when your referrals upgrade. Get referrals and get paid.

When you get referrals you will also build a 10 level network. You can advertise to all the members in your 10 level deep downline.

You will also earn credits on autopilot when any of your 10 levels of followers view ads. You can then use those credits for your own advertising or sell them back to the system for extra cash.

5 Pay Per Click

Make money with or without a website using the LeadsLeap PPC Pay Per Click system.

The PPC earnings typically range from $5 to $100 CPM ( per 1000 clicks )

If you have a website you can add the PPC widget to your sites pages and earn when visitors click on the ads.

If you don't have a website, that's ok as you can still get PPC cash by simply tracking your links. You simply setup the tracking system and it will show PPC ads and track your links at the same time.

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The ads on this page are powered by LeadsLeap. I make $ MONEY EVERY DAY @ LeadsLeap
Read up this page for full information on the  5 ways YOU can also make LeadsLeap CA$H for FREE  or Click HERE