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Want to reach more than +100,000 people ?

Want 10 x SOLO ads, 10 x 100 Click SOLO's each month, 1000 - 2000+ visitors a day without clicking for credits ?  Read about the NEW TRAFFIC PASS further down this page.

Do you want to send your ad out once and clone it to more than 50 other viral mailers in just a few clicks ?

Detailed instructions below.

Step 1, Join TrafficBlizzard new viral mailer HERE

Step 2, Login to account, you will be sent login details by email.

Step 3, In the menu, go to Other Traffic Sites / Sites You Need to Link.

Step 4, You will now see a list of sites that you can join in the Your Viral Network. Press CTRL and click on each site name to open the signup process in a new tab for each site.

Step 5, Go along the tabs for each site and click to join all the sites in the network, You will need to join and then confirm on each page.

Step 6, Refresh the Other Traffic Sites / Sites You Need to Link page and it should show none in the list. They should now all show on the Sites You Have Linked page.

Step 7, Get Credits. Either earn credits by reading emails and clicking the credit links or use the online inbox for each site and earn credits. From the sites you have linked page, you can quickly get to ALL the online inbox's Read Email pages for each of the mailers in the network. Or you can upgrade to get daily credits without clicking. I suggest you take advantage of the traffic pass system. More details on traffic pass below.

Step 8, Once you have credits in each site, login to just one of the sites in the network and setup to send your email, once you have entered the email you wish to send and approved the links in it, you will be able to clone it to ALL the other sites in the network where you have credits. It will then be sent to other members in the network at each site where you have credits.

Step 9, Enjoy your visitors and hopefully sales and signups. Keep getting credits and keep sending your emails to all the sites in the network and get none stop vistors to your offers.

Matthew Graves - Traffic Pass

Here's a list of whats included with Traffic Pass...

1,000+ - 2,000+ Visitors Per Day in Under 15 Minutes WITHOUT Clicking for Credits

Premium Membership to 48 Existing Traffic Sites in the Network ($432 Per Month Value)

Premium Membership to a New Traffic Site Every Month ($9 Per Month Value)

No Emails Clogging Your Inbox from the Mailers (Automatic Email Block at All 48 Sites)

Send Your Solo Email Once and It Goes Out from ALL sites in the network.

1,000 Credits DAILY WITHOUT Clicking at Each Site

Ability to Email Multiple Times Daily

Double Credits When You Click Emails

Earn Credits When Your Downline Clicks Emails

50% Commissions at 50 Sites

Random Referrals from Matthew's Promotions

Integrate Your Auto-Responder to Build Your List

Two Level List Building to Let Your Downline Build Your List

BONUS - 10 Solo Ads Per Month at Supercharged Solo Ads ($70 Per Month Value)

BONUS - 10 Solo Ads Per Month at 100 Click Solos ($20 Per Month Value)

BONUS - Premium Membership at 100 Click Solos ($9 Per Month Value)

BONUS - Access to the Premium Traffic Pass Community for learning, coaching, and connecting with other top affiliates and list builders.

As a Traffic Pass Member, you can just login and send your ad once. It goes out to all 48 mailers, plus as a Supercharged Solo Ad and a 100 Click Solos. It will reach more than 100,000 people and will take you under 15 minutes start to finish. You can even schedule your emails up to 90 days in advance.

You get 1,000 credits each day at all 48 mailers, plus a new mailer every month. You can use those credits to send daily, or you can still earn credits to send multiple times per day. When you do trade your time for credits, you are getting double on every click so that means you spend half the time for the same traffic.

Traffic Pass also frees you from that overwhelming inbox of credit emails. Traffic Pass members do not receive individual credit emails from other members at any of the 48 sites. You can earn credits (if you want) by clicking messages in the Read Emails pages in the member's areas.

Everything that is included would cost $540 per month, if purchased separately. However, the Monthly Traffic Pass is only $49 per month. That's only $1 each for Premium Membership at Matthew's viral mailer network sites. You can save even more by getting the annual plan where you get 2 months free.

Traffic Pass also comes with membership to Matthew's exclusive Traffic Community where you can take courses, get coaching, and connect with other top affiliates and traffic experts.

Dramatically improve the quantity and quality of your traffic in under 15 minutes a day. How much is your time worth?

Interested in Traffic Pass ?

If you followed the step by step instructions above to join all the sites in the Your Viral network. You should already have an account at Lifetime Traffic Pass. Login to it from the Sites You Have Linked page in the menu at WebTrafficOverload and read the upgrade page.

Not yet followed the steps above...

Step 1, Join Level4Marketers new viral mailer  HERE

Then scroll up this page and follow the rest of the steps.

 5 ways YOU can make LeadsLeap CA$H for FREE 


Promote YOUR LeadsLeap Coop link in Traffic Exchanges, Mailers, Safelists and other traffic networks and get paid.

You will earn both Coop cash and credits. The Coop cash earnings typically range from $0.10 to $8 CPM ( per 1000 visitors )

As you also get credits aswell as cash for the traffic you send to your coop link. You can sell the credits that you make via the Credits into cash system unless you wish to use them for your own adverising.

2 Daily Cash Bonus

Share in the sites daily profits. Be active and you can earn a daily cash bonus every day.

Simply view a minimum of 10 ads in the sites viewing area and qualify for a daily cash bonus. View more and you get more.

You also get credits for viewing the ads which you can sell or use for your own advertising.

3 Credits Into Cash

Credit encashment is the systems buyback scheme. You can sell your unwanted credits back to the LeadsLeap system.

You can get credits by viewing sites in the viewing area, sending visitors to your coop link & pass up credits when your referrals get credits.

The credits to cash ratio changes daily, but as of this time of writing, 200 credits can be exchanged for $0.18 cash.

4 Recurring Affiliate Commissions

Earn 25%-50% recurring commissions when your referrals upgrade. Get referrals and get paid.

When you get referrals you will also build a 10 level network. You can advertise to all the members in your 10 level deep downline.

You will also earn credits on autopilot when any of your 10 levels of followers view ads. You can then use those credits for your own advertising or sell them back to the system for extra cash.

5 Pay Per Click

Make money with or without a website using the LeadsLeap PPC Pay Per Click system.

The PPC earnings typically range from $5 to $100 CPM ( per 1000 clicks )

If you have a website you can add the PPC widget to your sites pages and earn when visitors click on the ads.

If you don't have a website, that's ok as you can still get PPC cash by simply tracking your links. You simply setup the tracking system and it will show PPC ads and track your links at the same time.

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The ads on this page are powered by LeadsLeap. I make $ MONEY EVERY DAY @ LeadsLeap
Read up this page for full information on the  5 ways YOU can also make LeadsLeap CA$H for FREE  or Click HERE